The Iron Alchemist
By ErichW
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"The quickest to the draw nearly always wins the duel!" Those were the words fifteen-year-old Boone Rigger whispered before he shot a man dead. He never thought he'd have the courage, but then again, that was before he was pulled into the Iron Alchemist Tournament; the deadliest gunslinging competition the world has ever seen. With guns as your weapon, and alchemy as your tool, only the one who can wield them both can keep the purse, the badge, and their life. ***** SNEAK PEAK: There came a wail and something zipped by his right ear. Jostice rolled. The crowd gasped. A second wail and a third. He spun while the wagon shook, bullets biting into wood. He could hear the cheers and whistles from the crowd, the ground shaking from their roar. Jostice pressed up against the wagon and peered from behind the box board; a flash and a hiss came from the edge of town. Bullets ripped the air and buried into earth, spitting out dirt. It's either him or me, he thought, taking a slow and steady breath. He closed his eyes, crouched down then kicked off his heels. He shot out like a spring, soaring from behind the wagon; He fired and his guns flashed like flames. The bullets raced from their barrels, chasing darkness, called to catch flesh ... And he watched ... his eyes still ... watching until they faded into black. [[Wattys' Shortlist.]] [[3rd Place, Titan Awards]] [[Best Plot, Titan Awards]]

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by ErichW