Seen || An Elton Ca...
By KayleeAtTheDisco
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[Rare Updates, but Still Good] Fans go INSANE when their influencer posts saying they are following/DMing people. That's when they really pay attention. But what about when a simple, careless follow turns into a friendship, and maybe more. Ashlee Nowe (Ash-Tray-Lee) is a small Youtuber, who does everything for the meme. So when she sees Elton Castee post something like that, she likes it, of course, for the meme. When a simple follow and DM turns into a like and subscribe, much happens. Elton does end up following her, and also DMs, but most importantly, likes a picture of Lee and her best friend, Elliot. Why would a like on a picture be so important? Read to find out! Or don't if you don't wanna, hell, i don't control you. -Mature language warning- All credit to TFIL's family and people related/in this story. Key word story! Please dont attack me, its my strange imagination. -Possible triggers- Wattys 2018 :)


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Seen || A...
by KayleeAtTheDisco