I Fell For A Villai...
By _QuartzCrysta_
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Outer, a easy going, trustworthy skeleton, one of the most chilled skeleton in the AU's. He's the type of guy who doesn't judge by rumors or looks, quite strong if you ask me. Outer usually goes to the cliff to see the stars or goes to Grillby's. Sometimes, he sees Error looking up at the stars. His AU really was a peaceful place, well, until THEY came. Outer and his friends tried to stop THEM from destroying everything, but to no avail, failed to stop THEM. Outer now stays with the Star Sanses in their base as we form meetings for all AU Sanses. Outer will do anything to get rid of those who destroyed his beloved home and bring back peace. Killer, a murdering, sadistic skeleton, part of Nightmare's group and very dangerous. He's known throughout all the AU's since he works with Nightmare. He's cruel and some says that he has a heart/soul of stone or/and evil. He helps Nightmare gain more power by destroying every AU Nightmare assigns him to. Killer really needs to learn on feelings as it could help, but Nightmare refuses it saying that feelings make you soft. Killer agrees and now feels no remorse in murdering. What happens when they meet and make eye contact. Their souls both beat with rhythm. Will Killer stop destroying and learn feelings? Will Outer help Killer and give him a chance? Find out now in 'I Fell For A Villain'.

Chapter I- Peaceful At First

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I Fell Fo...
by _QuartzCrysta_