The story of Darth...
By Darth_Noox
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This is a story about a Dark Lord of the Sith from the Old Republic era, his name is Noòx Kallig. After the defeat of Emperor Valkorion, Noòx continued to rule Zakuul, but thanks to Valkorion taking over his body left him with some side effects. With Valkorion gone and Noòx being his last host his powers were transferred to Noòx. For a while everything was okay, but then a tragedy happened. Noòx had lost control of his powers and it resulted in the death of a loved one. After that Noòx knew he had to learn to control his powers. After doing some research he found a way to freeze Zakuul and Odessen in time with everyone except Noòx frozen. It took him over 3000 years but he learned and trained, now he returns to a galaxy in war, the clone wars.


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The story...
by Darth_Noox