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What if henrik wasn't the youngest out of the mikaelsons. what if easter slept with niklause's father and gotten pregnant with twin girls. mikeal thought the twins was his and the others was excited about the twins. when easter gave birth to the twins she named the oldest Elizabeth and the youngest Alexandria. the twins was easters golden twins besides finn. As the twins grow everyone in the villiage called them ' angels of light' because they was nice, innocent,brave,sweet, and very cute. they made everyone see a whole new light. the twins always protected niklaus from mikeal. when the twins was 5 the elder witches watched the twins give peace to everyone including the wolves and brake the walls kol and finn belt up . the alpha of the wolves gained the trust of the twins after the twins saved the alpha from a pack of hunters. so what happens when mikeal murdereds the twins after finding out there not his.what if easter turned her other children into vampires and then did a powerful spell on the twins so that they will wake up in 1674. what happens when the twins gets adopted by the salvatore family. so what happens in 2015 when the twins comes back to mystic falls and goes to a ball with there bothers and the doupleganger of katherine. what happens when they meet the mikaelsons will the mikaelsons recognize the twins. and if the ball wasn't about killing klaus but was to get elenas blood so easter can locate her daughter's.


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by Jessie_by_essie