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*takes place in the same world as Good Boy* Oakley wasn't easy. He refused to be. The raven-haired boy would hold chin high as he was punished and talk back even the most intimidating of Trainers. He refused to submit. For this, Oakley was transferred. The Trading Post he was raised in prided themselves on their A-Listed subs, auctioned off the top members of their society. And Oakley didn't fit that bill. So, like common cargo, he's carted downstate to a facility known to only a select few where most of their turn out ended up grouped and shipped off in bulk factories or households. From there he ends up serving the Castings: a wealthy family with plenty of secrets and two deviously handsome sons who have more than one item on their agenda. Do either of them truly care for him or is he just a pawn in a twisted game of privilege?

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by Feline_Fan