The Half Blood Vamp...
By DanielleScott_
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"All I want is just ONE normal day. Is it that hard?" I started to yell at him. "Maybe you can have one if you just accept me." He smirked. "I CAN'T. Don't you understand? You-" I was pushed against the wall before I can finish my words. "What?" He whispered. His hot breath is fanning my ears while he trapped me with both of his arms. My tongue was locked. I don't think I can pronounce any words properly with his body that was just a few inches from mine. He started to caress my cheek and I lean against his touch without I even realised it. "You need me, Sarah. Can't you see? We're destined for each other. I can protect you from any danger." With all the courage I try to muster up, I look straight into his eyes. "How can you protect me if YOU are the danger?" His face looks shocked but he quickly masked it with an angry look. His black eyes turn into dark blood. His fangs started to show up from his gums. I can see the fire in his eyes flashed with brilliance. I gulped. Uh, this is bad. Very bad. * An ordinary 17-year-old girl, Sarah Wayne, had a normal life like everyone else. Living alone with her single mom is nothing but normal. Not until she discovered the truth about her family including herself. Could she have a normal life like she dreamt when her family was hunted by a powerful vampire, her parents' long-lost enemy? That's not the worst thing that can happen, right? Well, except when you accidentally fall in love with your enemy. . NOT YOUR CLICHÉ VAMPIRE STORY HIGHEST RANK: #3 IN SCANDAL ON 5/1/19


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The Half...
by DanielleScott_