Hero's Responsibili...
By JTafoya19
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(After the events of Homecoming) After May's discovery of his secret, Peter fails to convince his aunt into letting him continue to be Spiderman. However, a few days into the new school year, news of a prison break lures Peter back to his suit with the sole mission to investigate if the escaped prisoner was Adrien Toomes. Peter realizes that the escaped prisoner was not Toomes but in fact Mac Gargan, one of the buyers that he helped capture on the Fairie. Mac Gargan has a much bigger plan set in store. Peter also has to worry about an observant MJ. All the pieces starting connecting in Michelle's mind because Parker is not a genius when it comes to concealing his secret. His secret has already been revealed twice. What's wrong with it being reveal a third time?

Ch1: Permanently Grounded

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Hero's Re...
by JTafoya19