Falling for Fred, G...
By fyrebytch
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Warning!!!!!Graphic teenage sex and smut.Transferring in from the Outlands to Hogwarts is Naomi, Scar's half-caste witch daughter. Naomi is advanced in Necromancy, a power most helpful to Professor Dumbledore. Naomi finds herself the object of Fred Weasley's desires. After giving him her virginity, they fall in love and become inseparable, that is, until Naomil unexpectedly finds herself in a romance with Draco Malfoy. Naomi realizes she has feelings for both, and plays a dangerous yet seductive game of cat and mouse, exploring her erotic side with Draco, all while finding herself bonding with Professor Snape, whom some fear is trying to lure Naomi to Slytherin. When she least expects it, Naomi falls in love with George, her boyfriend's twin brother. Things heat up, and Naomi's and George's naughty love affair becomes something deeper. Mature Readers please.


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Falling f...
by fyrebytch