You Crept Into My H...
By Butterscotch_07
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{P.S I have a rewritten version of this, I advise you read that instead of this. Thanks :)} " They really like you Afia , ... and your dad really wants you to get married but he is not doing it without your consent." I thought about it , I always obeyed dad but was this really what I want to do. Get married at the age of 21. Bloody hell I don't even know the guy first of all. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Afia was a girl who always obeyed her parents wishes and desires but what if one of that wish was for her to get married to a guy she did not know a single bit when she was only 21. She loves her parents a lot but will that mean that she will take a risk and get married ?? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ " Ubaidullah ..... guess what ?" My mum said getting all excited. "What mum..?" "Afia agreed !!!" My eyes opened wide. What I can't believe this. I jumped up and hugged my mum, while twirling her around and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I ran up my room and locked my door. Yesss I can not believe this!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ubaidullah a fun loving person always dreamed of having a wife who was loyal and obeyed him, who was beautiful but did not get any help from makeup to make her pretty , who was outspoken but modest. What happens when he finds that in Afia and asks for her hand in marriage and she agrees just for her parents sake. Will she learn to love him? Find out in you crept into my heart... | Book cover by mwah |

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You Crept...
by Butterscotch_07