Dog Days: Book One
By Crimson_Graves
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BOOK ONE She had her whole life planned. What she didn't plan for was the zombie apocalypse. Eighteen-year-old Arryn Lycaster just graduated high school. With aspirations of becoming a veterinarian, she's ready to take the next step forward in life. Danger, however, lurks around the corner when a mutated form of the rabies virus swiftly spreads across the nation. Everything the virus infects turns to mindless, flesh-hungry creatures known as Rabids. Finding herself thrown in the middle of the apocalypse, Arryn must band together with other survivors. But not everyone can be trusted when rumors of a traitor hang in the midst. She quickly finds that some people don't need to be bitten to have their humanity stripped from them. All they need is a push. ⚠️ Brief scenes of gore and violence Highest ranking - #66 in Horror


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Dog Days:...
by Crimson_Graves