The Gang Leaders Gi...
By -BTS-JungKook-
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As I was walking down the halls with my ear-buds plugged in,I suddenly heard someone crying or should I say screaming,people even stopped walking and started to watch some even pulling there phone's out to record it,they formed a circle around the two "Noisy asses",I mumbled under my breath I started to push my way threw the crowd to get to the other side where my classes were Once I reached the front I saw what was actually going on A small red haired girl is on the ground top-less with a jock on top of her I clenched my fists making my knuckles turn white How come no one is helping her like what the fuck is wrong with people these days "AHHHHHHHHHH SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME PLEASEEEEE",she started to cry harder this time That scream drove me over the edge,I walked over where the two were I grabbed the jock's shirt making him look at me I clenched my fists even tighter I gave him a sick smirk before giving him one hell of a punch on the face making him bleed out of his nose and lose his balance making him land on the floor I got the girls shirt,picking her up slowly and handing it to her before I walked away like nothing happened


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The Gang...
by -BTS-JungKook-