The Hybrid
By ashandbecca
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"Is that your best shot? You're gonna have to do a lot better then that if you're gonna kill a hybrid." ____________________________ Harlyn Aubrey Paige is a Vampire/Werewolf Hybrid. Her mother was a werewolf and her father a vampire. Back when vampires were in hiding from werewolves who had been hunting them, her parents were in love. They had Harlyn two days before all vampires were slaughtered by the werewolves. Harlyn was then sent away to live with the humans as a foster kid, for her own safety. She grew up knowing nothing of what she was. Until one day when she first drank human blood... she found out about her vampire nature, which lead her to discovering her wolf side. She then left her home to find out more about what she was. After discovering how she can turn into a wolf at will, and the full moon didn't affect her, she began uncovering her full potential. She was then drawn to Beacon Hills, when the Nemetons power had returned to it. She met the true alpha and his pack, just in time to get caught up in a dead pool. She is worth more then anybody else on the list due to how rare and dangerous she really was. She and the other supernatural creatures of Beacon Hills have to stop the dead pool before it's too late. And whatever doesn't kill the hybrid, had better start running...


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The Hybri...
by ashandbecca