Daydreams And Night...
By JuliaLundstrom
  • Paranormal
  • 1700s
  • 18thcentury
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Eccentric, troubled and undesirable, the Hargreaves twins Noah and Luna are often referred to as a curse upon mankind by the society of South Kerilia. And society is right. *** Luna Hargreaves is as unapproachable as they come, armed with poor manners, an uncanny interest in the occult and a fearsome bodyguard. All of them necessary according to her as she struggles to fend off the endless amounts of otherworldly horrors following her every footstep, as well as the threat of an unwanted fiancé. Ghostly adventures and unfortunate engagements are one thing, but when Luna and her brother's previously unknown origins begin unravelling in front of them they soon find themselves with more knowledge than they would've preferred and their identities crumbling before their eyes. Despite their best efforts to deny the fate designed for them and go about their lives past drama creeps ever closer, and when a dire situation threatens the safety of their loved ones the twins come to realize they may need to embrace their nature in order to fight it.

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by JuliaLundstrom