Dark Market
By FrankColes
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • action
  • adventure
  • assassin
  • banks
  • black
  • cars
  • conspiracy
  • drive
  • driving
  • explosives
  • fight
  • firearms
  • gangsters
  • hotwire
  • intrigue
  • london
  • men
  • mystery
  • ops
  • page
  • shooter
  • stunt
  • tank
  • thriller
  • turner


KILL ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME...AND NEVER GET CAUGHT. John Savage is a special force of one. A corporate investigator who had to leave when an investigation went wrong. He's become a 21st century warrior serving overseas but not for any one government only the highest bidder. When he finds a dead body with links to his old life he returns and finds that what forced him out was only the beginning of a conspiracy to commit murder on a grand scale. The Dark Market. In which anyone can take part and anyone can be a victim. Now Savage must battle to finish what he started. "There is something refreshingly Hemingway-esque about Coles..." BBC's Focus magazine. [The story you are about to read is intended for readers age 18+ due to its content and language. It may not be appropriate for all audiences. Please read at your own discretion.]

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Dark Mark...
by FrankColes