summertime sadness...
By trilogydols
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hoping for the best doesn't really work out, or so mackenzie realized when she came back to new jersey. now it's summer time, and she's spending hers at the shore along with her mom and john nathanson, her mother's boyfriend. and as if it isn't awkward enough, her estranged father has came back from his mysterious disappearance that unfortunately ruined many relationships. she finds cooper, the local bad boy, who helps her blow off some steam as she tries to reinvent herself and forget about all the bullshit going on back home. ethan on the other hand, knows he messed up. he's tried to fix it, yet it's becoming hard to apologize when you're grounded because of your grades and the person you want to apologize to is ignoring you and is also hours away. he takes up a summer job in his neighborhood, per his mother's request, managed by no other than mackenzie's dad. he also finds himself spending more time with kylie, the one of his friends who didn't leave for the shore. she interests him in working harder for school, as he begs his mother to let him go to the shore for the rest of the summer, where his brother grayson has been this whole time. so when he finally gets his wish, he returns home disappointed. and angry. and betrayed. but kylie is back there, waiting for him. in ways he did not expect. so what'll happen? will mackenzie and ethan reconnect or decide that their little fling was just that-a pointless fling? read to find out :) THIS IS A SEQUEL TO 'dead' SO MAKE SURE YOU READ THAT FIRST OR YOU'LL BE REALLY CONFUSED!

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by trilogydols