Alpha Hunter's Luna
By MiaMeade
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"Um, Luna?" Hunter takes a nervous step back. "Your eyes are glowing." "I'm a werewolf, remember?" I stalk him. "That's perfectly normal." "It's really not." Hunter backs away. "Our eyes don't glow." "Must be a witch thing then." I shrug. "Or a wolf witch thing." "Werewitch," Hunter corrects in awe. His voice rumbles in his chest and I watch it rise and fall with with each intake of breath. I try to get closer, but Hunter retreats, matching me step for step. "You're not going to punch me again, are you?" he asks nervously as his back hits the wall. "Furthest thing from my mind," I whisper, closing the rest of the distance between us. ♥ Alpha Hunter Sky thinks his new mate should worship him like a God. Luna the Luna has other plans. She stands up for her friends, even if that means punching the cocky alpha in the nose. With her best friends Megan the Omega and Jax by her side, can Luna handle the Alpha and the constantly growing amount of broken furniture? ♥ 55,000 words | Edited

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Alpha Hun...
by MiaMeade