The Loner and the P...
By ShardedGlass
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Watson Young has always been a bright kid, no one could deny that, but even the most intelligent people can make the dumbest mistakes. Keep the dumbest secrets hidden. Watson was rather good at that, considering that no one knows about the stuff he deals with at home. Elijah Andrews, one of the wealthiest kids in the school, but doesn't necessarily describe Elijah, no, that describes his financial state. Elijah's not stupid, he knows his friends are pretty fake, seen the drooling stare with money in their eyes, blinding them from seeing Elijah as something more than walking money. Elijah had a busy schedule, which was probably why he never noticed Watson, the small cello player in the school's orchestra. He never saw the guy who sat in the back of his classes, never speaking a word to everyone. But neither did anyone else, if they had, maybe they would have noticed the bruises covering Watson's arms from a mixture of bullies and his drunken father. What happens when the school's wealthiest attendee notices the quiet cello playing boy with too many unexplainable bruises?

Chapter One

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The Loner...
by ShardedGlass