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"NO! PLEASE DON'T!" I closed my eyes as tears started to escape from it. "PLEASE! NAGMAMAKAAWA AKO! ACE! DON'T DO IT!" nilingon ko ang nagmamay ari ng sigaw na yun. And there I saw him. Full of bruises and wounds yet he still looks handsome as ever. His red and fiery eyes were staring at me with hurt. 'I'm sorry baby, but I have to', I replied. His tears began to fall. Napasabunot sya sa buhok nya gayong alam nyang wala syang magawa. "ACE! DON'T DO IT!" Dahan dahan kong nilabas ang kapangyarihan ko sa'king mga kamay. I started to heat up. Not minding the extreme pain I'm feeling, I started to utter the chant "LET ME BE THE SACRIFICE! LE---" napahinto ako dahil narinig ko ang boses niya. "YOU PROMISED ME!" he cried, "YOU PROMISED THAT WE'LL SURVIVE THIS SHITS!", his voice cracked. It made me cry more. I know, baby, I know. "YOU PROMISED TO SING A SONG FOR ME WHEN THIS'LL END!" I turned my head to glance at him one last time. He grabbed something from his pocket and showed it to me. His eyes were pleading and his tears were falling. It was a ring. "And you've p-promised to marry me..." His voice sounded so faint but I still heard it. Nanumbalik sakin ang mga alala ko sa maikling panahon ng pananatili ko dito sa Philoxenia. And I cried once again. I opened my eyes to meet his gaze. I will never forget the memories I've made here. I will never forget them. I will never forget him. "And I promised to protect you." Nanlumo sya ng marinig ang sinabi ko. Before he could say something to make me stop, I continued to chant. Until there's a light that binded everyone's sight. I did it. I'll be saving my home. I've saved PHILOXENIA even if it cost my life. Even if it means that I wont see my baby anymore. "I love love"

Philoxenia Academy : A Love of Stranger

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by Meraaakii