Hunk |
By _Gypsy_Girl_
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"Go to my room and wait for me there." His words kept playing in my mind like a CD. I was now in his room, everything was dark outside and inside too. Nobody knew I was here except for Aiden. I've no idea why he wanted me in his room when his girlfriend was sitting right next to him. I had my back facing the door and suddenly I felt someone closing the door and walking near me. My heart dropped in my stomach when I turned and suddenly found myself being pushed against the wall. "Wh---" I tried to ask while shaking uncontrollably but his beautiful hawk eyes shut me up. "Why were you looking at my lips in the party?" His question shook me, I didn't know he notice. I didn't mean to but he was my long time crush and it takes time to crush those feelings. "i--" I stammered, "You wanna taste them?" he walked closer, keeping his hands on the wall and locking me inside his arms, we were barely an inch away. "tell me you want that." there was a smirk on his face and suddenly it disappeared when he looked at my lips and gulped. All I knew was that he had rejected me, hurt me and now this? when he is already dating his long time love. "I'm allowing you." his words choice was terrific, giving me goosebumps. He pulled a bit more closer and slowly brushed his lips against mine, giving me electrifying chills down my spine. "please do--" I tried to stop him but I knew if I resisted he was going to make my life living hell. "Do you want more?" he narrowed his eyes, licking his lips. "And if you told this to anyone, girl you are doomed." He warned, I knew his punishments and it scared me. "I won--" I tried to talk but he pulled his body more closer, touching against mine. "Tonight you will please me." He blew an air on my lips and frozed my whole world. Why would he want me to do that? He had his girlfriend here. My whole body started trembling in fear.

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Hunk |
by _Gypsy_Girl_