Eridanus Flooding
By RC_Pointer
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Commander Jack Rhodes is a retired Navy Seal. Well. Retired isn't what he would call it. More like fired. Yes. Fired would be the correct choice of word. No one retires at the age of 32. When a mission went wrong, leaving Jack as the only survivor of his team, the U.S. government decided that Jack had earned time off and promptly dismissed him. Now Jack is forced to accept an FBI field office position which lacks everything he loves; especially adventure. Yet, after a murder occurs in the small town of Rinshawn, Rhodes gets his chance for action. However, it seems that he isn't the only one interested in the case. His long-time arch nemesis is in town and she's ready for a fight. ~**~~**~ Enter Dr. V.C. Coldwater. Not only will she steal your heart, she might also steal your wallet, given the chance. With 3 Ph.D's, she is a certifiable genius. V.C. could probably write a book on 'How to be a Genius and Still Look Stunningly Good in A Lab-Coat'. In fact, there is a strong possibility that she already has. Of course, in the eyes of Jack Rhodes, V.C. teeters closer to being certifiably insane. As the owner of Kingmaker Investigation, she has the uncanny ability to always be in the wrong place at the right time, much to the chagrin of a certain Commander who will remain nameless. With her lack of self-preservation, thirst for adventure and unrivaled intelligence, V.C. Coldwater is an unstoppable force of annoyance for Jack. But it isn't V.C's fault that he is a no-nonsense, rule-following, wet towel who seems to enjoy arresting her every chance he gets. Or that she loves to ruffle his feathers with her constant and blatant law-breaking. But when a murder takes place, V.C. is all too happy to dive into the mix and antagonize Jack, while solving an unsolvable death. So, will this case end with Dr. Coldwater finally behind bars? Or will the chemistry between Jack and V.C. implode into something worth fighting for? ~**~~**~ Updates Fridays.


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by RC_Pointer