Louder than Words
By FireForTheHeart
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"Look, I don't know what you are at but I'm not gonna let it happen. I'm not gonna let you win this time. Now you can go and f- Too bad, the colourful words, that would surely enrage him, couldn't get out of my mouth. Instead I had to face his wrath in another form that got me feeling all kinds of dizzy and tingling in the pit of my stomach. Before I could realise what was happening Jake entered his tongue in my mouth , pinning me to the stall behind me , stopping whatever thoughts running in my head and sending my senses all over the place, °~~~°~~~~°~~~~°~~~~°~~~~ Jake and Rhea have entered into a battle of trouble making since god-knows-when and had been living upto it , till things started to take an unexpected turn sending their lives tumbling onto each other's path. Well, not to forget the fact that they both are only a doorstep away.

Louder than Words

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Louder th...
by FireForTheHeart