Rewriting The Signs
By ElaineyyM
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(SEQUEL TO OBLIVIOUS TO THE SIGNS) Andrew is a such a sweetheart. Sure, he loves Emma so much and all, but that's the problem. He loves her too much to be able to avoid her and the risk of having her hurt again. He's burdened by the thought that it was his fault she got into an accident that's why he vows to stay away from her for her own good. But is he strong enough to handle it when Emma purposely gets herself into trouble just to get his attention? He told himself to just accept that they can only be friends. He's learning to accept that. But Emma's not really helping his situation when he finds out that she is in fact in love with him too. And when he's starting to let himself fall for her again, his guilt of hurting her comes right back, stopping him. So Emma and Jeremy (Andrew's best friend) goes through such great lengths just to make Andrew realize that there is no need for such complication, that he and Em should just be together. But Andrew isn't making it easy. Maybe this time around, being in love with each other isn't going to be enough for them anymore. Or maybe it's going to take more than just an accident this time for them to realize that's it's pointless to resist each other. In the end, will Andrew realize that there's no point in resisting her? Or will Emma finally get tired of his resistance so she decides to stop making him fall for her again?

Prologue: I Became Someone's Fiancé

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by ElaineyyM