The Sun and the Moo...
By Phoenixshadow666
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Nico di Angelo Son of Hades The King of the Moonstone Clan Which makes Nico the Moonstone Prince. His father has been pressuring him to marry a nice girl and have an heir. There's nothing wrong with that. Except the fact that he's gay. William "Will" Solace Son of Apollo The King of the Sunstone Clan Which makes Will the Sunstone Prince. His father wants him to find somebody who loves him as much as he loves them. He wants Will to be happy. Nothing wrong with that. Except that every guy in the Sunstone Clan is hotheaded, while Will is laid back. This is the story of two young men who make their way through life's trials to find true love. To find the purest kind of love. Because if this any story that proves anything. It's that Opposites Attract after all

Nico- Chapter 1

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The Sun a...
by Phoenixshadow666