The Statue's Transc...
By CADarling
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Many have told the tale of romance ending in happily ever afters. What if this one ended with a twist? Elisabeth Halyard is the epitome of a bookworm. She spends her time reading, apart from her job and hot boyfriend Felix. Everything in Elisabeth's life is peaceful and all the signs are pointing to the next step in her relationship with Felix...yet...why couldn't she shake this deep feeling of restlessness and wanting adventure? With a trip to France underway, Elisabeth thought this was exactly what she needed before settling into her life. However, plans take a dark and twisty turn as she is thrusted into another persons tale of woe. Will Elisabeth be able to shake the secrets unraveling around her, or will she be too late and be snared in a mans undying hope for love's eternal flame? One thing is for sure. Elisabeth will get the adventure she seeks, willingly or not.


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The Statu...
by CADarling