Are You The One? {A...
By justkittles
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Jocelyn Lopez is your ordinary teenage fangirl that lives in amazing San Diego, California. She's the type of girl that is not afraid to take risk. She live in a typical cliché world. Until she gets bullied to the point of suicidal. Where she finds. Matt Hunter. The teen sensation sweeping over the nation. Not just a singer. Her savior. Matt doesn't know about this girl until they meet accidentally and he learns that he can't live without her. But his career doesn't let him be with the one he loves. They stick together until a turn of events happens to make him realize life for itself while he tries to find her while she's lost in confusing. In an allusion. But Matt is determined to get to the end of the road to her heart.

Are You The One? {A Matt Hunter Fan Fic}

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Are You T...
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