Deliverance of Mela...
By BrightWhiteSnow
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People dwell on the past, it's human nature and it can't be helped. As it's known, time heals most things and that's good and all, but what if doesn't? What if this feeling you have, that feeling that it will never let up really never does let up? What if this really is how you are going to feel forever? Perhaps, this is the assumption of a fatality. You can assume that this is how you're going to feel forever, that you'll never experience happiness again. To most people this is an exaggeration of how humans react to the worst possible news, but to Eden it's an understatement. Eden was outgoing and even happy before the accident. She planned to go to college after high school and she even had dreams of living her life in the most joyful way she could. That all changed when the absolute unspeakable happened to her. With her best friend, who doubles as her boyfriend by her side the whole time it seems to make her better in some ways, but she will never be the same. To Eden, grief is the enemy and she'll do anything to avoid it. It's not because she doesn't want to feel it, but because she's terrified of it. In some ways, this could be understandable because it's known that people react to devastation in all sorts of ways, but what if the cure for her grief is another person who happens to know exactly what she is going through?

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by BrightWhiteSnow