Finding Love,the Ha...
By PrismzMore
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Catherine a sixteen year old girl. She was like most other girls looking for someone to be with during high school. Fall in love and be swept off there feet and find the prince charming. Except she was nothing like that. Catherine was the only no one really talked to or even knew she was there. Until she was walking home and was attacked and almost. killed. Her hero was someone from her pass who she had forgotten. That hero never forgot her since that they meant in the pass. She was helped by the hero that she knows more that she thinks helps her out of danger.When she self was in more danger just meeting the hero who saved her.She had know idea of what he is capable of doing to her and every one she loves.Will he choose to be with her or kill her.Will Catherine come to live and love this beast or be heart broken from him.She see him as some one who is knowing at school and the one everyone hates or is that just all a lie. Will he show her more than what she thinks is true about the human race. --------------------------- WILL HAVE R-RATED CONTEXTS SEXUAL/LAUANGE/GRAPHIC 38 in immortal- 8/23/19

Chapter-1- First meetings

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Finding L...
by PrismzMore