The New Girl - Gray...
By insomniac-weirdo
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#69 - Fullbuster (2019) #62 - graylu (2019) #149 - grayxlucy (2019) -> #10 - grayxlucy (2019) -> #2 (2019) She's the daughter of a wealthy family; goes to a public school where she's isn't so high up on the social charts. She ignores the pain she's been through while living her life in school, when one day a surge of magical energy emits from her. Her fellow classmates turn terrified of her. When she gets transferred to a new school, the school her mother teaches at, Fairy Tail High, Lucy Heartfilia enters a new life filled with magic, where she finds that she takes a liking towards one boy in particular. Problem is: His ex is a crazy stalker. Note: ~characters belong to Hiro Mashima ~this is my first story ~I'm bad at writing stories ~I may twist things around a bit (you'll see what I mean) ~enjoy my horrible writing :) ~no schedule is official yet, uploads will be random ~any pictures used do not belong to me unless I say otherwise, which is unlikely Book started: November-ish 2017 Book ended: June 1, 2018

Chapter 1 - The Incident

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The New G...
by insomniac-weirdo