The Celebrity Bodyg...
By Alanna
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"Love makes you do stupid things." Hannah becomes a personal bodyguard for a well-known actor. She has to swallow her own fear and pride in order to protect her new employer. But little does she know that her fear will be back to haunt her. Meanwhile, her best friend will do anything to protect her. This story will transport you to the world of celebrities. Hannah, the first female Hollywood bodyguard will give you her insights about guarding the world-wide famous superstar, Robert Hugh Patrick. Meanwhile, you'll also get a chance to experience the life of a celebrity through Robert's view; what's it's like behind sets, being stalked by numerous hectic fans - while having a female bodyguard. 'The Celebrity Bodyguard' will make you laugh, shout, curse and perhaps cry at a certain point. The story is a mixture of humor and romance with a little drop of both mystery and revenge.


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The Celeb...
by Alanna