Truly Madly Ghostly
By LaraRuze
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~What if you find your soulmate but he's already dead?~ Charlotte is a last year Psychology student, hating the dorm-life she moves into an apartment. She considers it a blessing that she got such a quiet and decent place in such a cheap rent. And there is this hot next-door neighbor, Alex, who seems to always leave her breathless after each encounter. Their hang-out sessions on her balcony becomes the favorite time of her day. It is inevitable--the feelings she begin having for him. But too much of good can have some bad lurking around the corner. Charlotte is about to realize this soon. She starts sensing things uncanny about Alex and everything that happens around both of them hints at a horrific secret waiting to unfold. As she loses control over her heart, her perfect and peaceful life hits chaos. Will she be able to come out of this with her heart, and most importantly, her sanity intact? ~ "You mean to say it's easy to break my heart?" Charlotte asked. "It's easy if one put their heart to the task," was Alex's reply as his rough fingers strummed down the guitar chords in one fast motion. ~ A haunted apartment building, a female lead who's a psychology student and her soulmate who's already dead. Truly Madly Ghostly is one impossible love-story made possible. !Warning: Go to Wattpad to read this story safely, in case you're reading from a mirror site.

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Truly Mad...
by LaraRuze