The Crossing Destin...
By Witto150
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A priest, demon, and boy walk into the bar... Wait, this isn't a joke! Priest Shadow's peaceful life is disturbed by an increasing number of possessed people. During his midnight patrol, he finds mischievous boy Sonic, but at the same time, he senses a demon. Shadow has no choice but to send Sonic to his church while he heads deeper into an abandoned part of the town. However, dealing with a demon may be Shadow's least worry, as a terrible secret locked in his body resurfaces, turning his life upside down. With his secret out, he unknowingly lures a deadlier enemy who doesn't hesitate to use drastic measures to hold the priest in his cold, merciless grasp. One night changes all... Original AU: Rating: PG 14+, mention of blood, LIGHT gore, death, light swearing Help with the blurb: alysha40025201 --- THIS IS AN OPEN FANFICTION! NO FANDOM KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED! --- IF YOU ARE READING THIS STORY ON ANY OTHER PLATFORM OTHER THAN WATTPAD, YOU ARE VERY LIKELY TO BE AT RISK OF A MALWARE ATTACK. IF YOU WISH TO READ THIS STORY IN ITS ORIGINAL, SAFE FORM, PLEASE GO TO WATTPAD.COM. THANK YOU. --- AWARDS: Winning story in 12+ User-run Awards :-) --- TAGS: #GoldenRose2k18 #VogueAwards2018 #COWAwards2k18 #AEAwards2018 #GEOMETRICAWARDS2018 #PassionAwards #BurningPassionAwards2018 #BurningAwards2018 #Centric_Awards #thecosmicawards2018 #WAPAwards #TheUnicornAwards #RebelWars #thewinterawards #Summerbookawards #thehollowawards2018 #tta2018 #TalentAwards2018 #projectdiscoveryourtalent #TheCreativeMindsAwards #spotlight1819 #pastelawards2k17 #brawa ---

Author's Quick Note (edit: 30.11.2018)

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The Cross...
by Witto150