✓ With Love, A Ge...
By SuperSuspicious
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Dear Axel Ackermann, On August 1st, 1936, I met you. With Love, A German Girl In 1936, Lucienne Müller visited the Berlin Olympics. Not only did she see how the Nazis improved Germany, but she also developed a crush on a certain young officer, Axel Ackermann. It's a school girl crush, vented out through her diaries where she writes to him, letters that are never meant to be sent. When he returns to her life six years later, she realizes he's not the fictional character she made him out to be in her writings. When the lies give way to truth, Lucy doesn't know which side is in the right, and which is wrong. Will she choose correctly? Please note: This is the first draft and there may be plot holes, historical inaccuracies, and typos. Thank you for reading!


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✓ With...
by SuperSuspicious