City of Secrets
By jazzygirl_19
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The Dark War has been won, and Clary Fairchild believes her time to rest has come. This all changes one night during a regular patrol mission, where they encounter a peculiar situation, and an even more peculiar girl. At first glance, Ember Valenza seems to be nothing more than a dreadfully average mundane. The thought is all but destroyed the minute she is brought into the New York Institute. It is quickly discovered that she has the Sight, and she shows skills and abilities enough to rival a Shadowhunter's own. What's worse, she seems to know too much about the Shadow World, along with too much information about one of the Shadow World's greatest and recently-defeated enemies-Sebastian Morgenstern. It soon becomes clear that Ember Valenza is no ordinary mundane. Her harbored secrets are revealed, along with a hidden gift, and new questions arise as Ember strives to take her place among the Shadowhunters. Will she be worthy enough to drink from the Mortal Cup and Ascend? Only one thing is for sure: the Morgenstern name is not dead, and its legacy will live on even after the death of its presumed last heir. Will Ember be able to restore the abhorred Morgenstern name and save Jonathan's reputation? Is it a risk worth taking, a battle worthy enough to fight? Will Clary and the rest of the Heroes of The Dark War help her through her journey?

Chapter 1: The Sight

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City of S...
by jazzygirl_19