Cinderella Contract
By Meevbota123
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Okay so Zane is a douche bag with five friends who are lesser douch bags but assholes nonetheless. He needed a girl for appearances and got bad advice, from a guy obviously, to hire one. Yeah so none of the douch bags are willing to give Zane any sacrifices(girls) so he goes looking for some himself. Now this idiot bet he could get an impossible one and that's where Romane comes in. Signed a stupid contract when she was drunk and now she's in. In his insane yet hearwarming story and not coming out without her million dollars. A\N : Lol! When I say heartwarming I'm complementing myself. Flattering myself more like. My writing isn't great but the genre of this book is unofficially HUMOR. My humor. Hope I can make you smile with thisā¤ Bad description I know XD "She's having the baby!" Jack yelled into the phone "What?" "The baby is coming right now!" Zane panicked. "Then why the f*ck did you call me?!" "Because there's traffic and she's hyperventilating" "Don't drag me into this. Call Daniel!" "I just assumed you had a helicopter or something! What are you rich for??" "Sorry to fucking disappoint!" "Ah! She's getting violent Zane! Oww! Daniel 's not going through! There's nothin....." "Jack? Jack!" Zane got up abruptly and almost fell over as he scrambled to elevator. Why me? Xxxx "Well if you must know, I was the victim of a violent attempted murder." Zane rolled his eyes."Don't listen to him Romane. He probably fell down the stairs or something."

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