The Hooded Werewolf
By _crimson_tears
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A story about a werewolf girl that wears a hood to cover her face. She's snarky. She's sarcastic. She's funny. But she has a heart so soft that you could sleep on it. Alexandra joins the royal pack in Russia to become a guard since it has been her goal from when she was a little child. However, there are not many female guards in the werewolf population meaning she gets more attention than she originally wanted. It does not help that everyone wants to know what her face looks like behind her hood. What she does not expect is to find her mate...what if it's someone powerful...the only thing Alexandra knows to do is hide, so that is what she does. She hides from her mate. What has the moon goddess planned for her? Will her mate find her? Will she finally learn to take of her hood in front others? ♤♡♤ "Are you affected by me, mate?" He says and I sense his dark aura enveloping me and the surroundings. I could sense his immense power in the air and I simply continued to stare at him trying to appear unaffected. "No." I replied calmly. "Are you sure, mate? What about when I do this?"He came even closer to me ensuring there was not a slither of space between us and touched my face lightly. "No." "And this..." Dimitri continued by lowering his head and gliding his nose against my collarbone making me desperately want to shiver. "No.." my voice cracked as I whimpered. Sparks were flowing crazily around us as he sniffed my scent and I gave into my body's reflexes and shivered from pleasure. "Your scent is so alluring, mate. It's what led me to you. Do I still not affect you, huh? I felt your pleasure from that shiver...I could pleasure you more...." He said darkly and leaned down more to softly place his lips onto my neck.


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The Hoode...
by _crimson_tears