My Burden To Bear
By LexyDunbar
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(This takes place right after Thor Ragnorak and straight into Infinity War) Yeshlynn, a young greaving widow is on the ship of Asgardians and is also 9 months pregnant. Her body goes into labor the night after the battle of Ragnorak. With no one to cling to in her life-changing moment, she finds herself being helped by his highness, Loki. Thanos takes over the ship for a mass murder killing half of the Asgardians. When he is about to kill the young mother, Heimdall sends Loki to earth along with the newborn. He is alone and helpless with no way to care for the child with Thanos coming to wipe out half the universe Loki goes to find the Avengers.

Waves in the Galexy

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My Burden...
by LexyDunbar