Mommy, please help...
By Michelle1110
  • Horror
  • death
  • demons
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imagine this: you are a little girl, only 5 years old, and something is coming for you. but, the scary part is, you don't know what its going to do to you and everyone around you, you don't know why its coming for you and if its ever going to go away??? what would you do if you were being haunted down by something that also hunted down a little girl just like you, except, that happened 55 years ago.... plz vote/comment or fan i would love to hear what you think of my book... so feel free to PM me at anytime and i will try my best to answer as soon as possible ... thanks so much love you all for reading my book !!!! now the book is waiting read on !!!

Chapter 1- The begging.

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Mommy, pl...
by Michelle1110