Girls Who Dreamt of...
By Seekeroflight
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Adira Archibong wants to be a supermodel, but as she steps into a world of money, fame and sex, she learns that the only people she can trust are her friends. ***** Adira Archibong is starting out in the Nigerian modelling industry, but quickly loses her agent when she refuses to go nude for a shoot. Then she's approached by Benjamin, a modeling executive, who brings her into his agency, but also wants to date her. Soon she and Benjamin are a couple, but as time goes on she learns more about him and the secrets he keeps. There are lies surrounding all men in Adira's life. As a model, the only people she can trust are her friends. But will they be enough to save her? (Content and/or Trigger Warning: Sexual assault)

Introduction & Important note

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Girls Who...
by Seekeroflight