Alolan Adventures [...
By Lukenotskywlkr
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When Luke unboxes his new game he got for his birthday, from his Dad; Pokémon Sun! Luke's about to play it, when suddenly he, and his cat Stevie, are trapped inside the world of Pokémon! Now the two, along with some help, journey the Alola region to find a way home. But when Luke falls in love with a girl named Lillie, he becomes unsure whether or not he wants to find a way back. And a tragic memory from his past coming to haunt him doesn't help either. A story of love, conflict, and finding the true meaning of the word "Home". A new Alolan adventure awaits! I do not own anything in this story in any way, shape, or form, nor do I plan to. The only thing I DO own from any of this is Stevie and any OCs. All rights go to Pokémon and anything else I might mention.

Lost in Another World

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Alolan Ad...
by Lukenotskywlkr