Between Dusk and Da...
By yeddabix
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Vladimir has been dead since 1182 A.D. and has finally retired as the leader of the most vicious coven in history. After losing his own creation, he bought a nice château near Paris and plans on living the rest of his existence in sweet solitude - far away from the immersing supernatural war. Razer is a warlock on a mission - bringing his three mates together to prevent himself from being drained to death by his own powers. He doesn't believe in love and his thirst for power to take revenge on his enemies makes him determined enough to travel the whole world to find them. Kayak has lost himself in his wolf. For years he ventured the Canadian woods becoming one with the spirit world. He has no intention to ever changing back into a human again as he knows the world only bears pain. Ladybug enjoys his life as an incubus to the fullest. He lures his victims to bed with his sweet and innocent looks only to eat their souls in the very moment they climax. Affection is a foreign concept for him as long as it doesn't lead to tasty sexual tension- his most favorite snack. * A hot menage is lying ahead! Be over eighteen!! Σ( ° △ °|||)︴

The Cast

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Between D...
by yeddabix