Redeeming love
By njhahmad_
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Redeeming love. It's the story of one girl name Adrienne Nelson who try to find her happiness. She never know who is her mother is because it's only her dad who's taking care of her since she was a little. She got herself a boyfriend and also she has a best friend that always be with her. Adrienne thought she already got the loves, happiness with the people around her but she's wrong. She was tested with all sort of things. Adrienne only want her life is full with love no more and no less but with all the test that she got, she feel so sad and lonely because her own best friend betrayed her and leave her. Her boyfriend also leave her. She feels so betrayed until she got herself a new friends which is from the popular group too. She start to feel happy again but then another news that makes her feel like this is the end of her life. Why is her best friend and boyfriend leave her? Who is her new friends? Will she be able to meet her mother? What news she got and feel like it's the end of her life? Follow the journey of Adrienne Nelson in finding the love and happiness in her life in Redeeming Love... { started at April 8 and finished at September 27 } Cover made by : @theworddealer

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