Nothing Is Eternal...
By WinterSleep85
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The world has been cast into a mysterious darkness. No natural light can illuminate the Dark. But small portions of the world have gradually been illuminated by an equally inexplicable light that is known as the Eternal Light. The priests of the Eternal Light are the only ones blessed with the ability to summon the light. People are allowed to live in this illuminated world as long as they worship the Eternal Light as a deity, forget the old world and obey the rigid laws of the priests. The only other choice is to be cast into shadows. For most people that is an easy choice. But eventually change began to dawn. The servants of the Eternal abuse their authority over people. Slowly the Illuminated World is losing ground to the Dark. Even the most devout areas can be consumed by the Dark. There is no longer certainty the Eternal Light is an omnipotent force. People are questioning. People are starting to challenge the priests. Three friends are caught up in this struggle. Their bond has sustained them through the overwhelming horrors and the mundane issues of such a world. But destruction is inevitable when fighting the light. Cover by the master of horror, Crimson_Graves!


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Nothing I...
by WinterSleep85