Suicidal Love
By AliveForMusic
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a/n 2017: this is trash and is not longer updated Two suicidal and depressed teens meet one's a boy and one's a girl, both of which are classified as 'emo'. They're total opposites is what everyone would say. She's kind He's a jerk She's smart He's stupid She's cute He's hot She's a typical nerd/emo He's just an emo She has dozens of 'friends' He's a loner She's weak He's strong She's naive He's not She forgives quickly He keeps a grudge Her last name is White His last name is Black She's little Miss. Perfect He's Mr. Mistake She's Violet He's Austin Is what everyone thinks. Key word: thinks. What nobody knows is that they're suicidal, insecure, depressed and internet friends. Well, truth be told Austin doesn't know that about Violet, or vice versa. What happens if one day they're chatting on the internet and agree to meet up in person since they live in the same town. They both think that the other one goes to a different school, but they both go to the same school Fairfield High school. Will they fall in love? Will they stop their friendship? If they do fall in love: Will love heal them? Or will it cause them to kill themselves? Read to find out! Copyright©2014

Suicidal Love (slow updates)

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by AliveForMusic