Subject Child (BBSx...
By TheScorched_Soldier
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(Y/n) is a seventeen year old girl living on her own in Los Santos. She might seem normal, but at the age of thirteen, her abusive parents sold her to an illegal human experimenting group. After a year of the scientists experiments, they abandoned her as subject, not getting the results they wanted. She was given a cats agility and speed, the flesh tearing fangs of a wolf, and the ability to control fire. Which led her to her first murder. She is now Los Santos top serial killer, and thief and has been for four years since she was fourteen. No one has actually seen what she looks like before she kills a victim. But what happens when Los Santos top gang catches her? "She's just a kid! How can have killed so many people!" "Because she isn't normal..." Read to find out.


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Subject C...
by TheScorched_Soldier