The Avengers, the S...
By Benelamay
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There will be a mpreg in this. There will be some very dark parts in this book. Ellie Choler has aways been sidelined. Her father abandoned her at age six. She showed up at camp Half Blood at ten. She doesn't speek to anyone but Annabeth. Even then she doesn't talk much.One year Percy Jackson arives. She gets whisked away on quests with Percy and her best friend, Annabeth. Yet she never gets knoticed. She was always with Percy on a quest but doesn't get credit. She even falls into Tartarus with them. But it is not her first time there. She has many secrets and scars that she hides. That was not her first time in Tartarus, it was her fourth. Nick Fury is looking to capture a teenage terrorist. He has evaded him for years. He desided to call in the avengers to bring him in. Thor and Loki try to convince Fury that the kid means no harm. What happens when the Avengers bring him in?


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The Aveng...
by Benelamay