His Plus Size Posse...
By qweenenn
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"Girl why is your face all over the newspaper?" Karla asked picking up the recent paper I got this morning. "Huh? Lemme see," I asked in confusion. "CEO of Mathews Finance Corporations involved in one night stand with bigger woman," she read slowly. Shit - Sharlina Brooks was not insecure of her body although she was on the bigger side, she loved it. She gave anyone who deserved it a piece of her mind and couldnt stand rude, stuckup people. She definitely was not waiting for a prince charming thats for sure. All until she encounters the very description of what she didnt like. Sebastian Mathews. CEO of the bank she works at and the man with a body and face equivalent to a Greek God. From a one night stand, to a fake relationship, to maybe even love? Because everything is not always as it seems..

1. Young Free & Single

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His Plus...
by qweenenn