Our Moonsun Love St...
By RiyokoXD
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Two girls who are destined to meet due to the unnamed bond who bring them together. The two characters grew up with the name Yongsun, which means "Cheerful and bright" due to the word "Sun" in it and Moonbyul, Which means "Cool and mysterious" ue to the word "Moon" in it Both grew up acting... differently from their names, meaning that Moonbyul acting more outgoing and laid back while Yongsun being more quiet and shy. Despite being the so called 'polar opposite' both eventually met each other as they slowly get to know more about each other. From awkward conversation to hanging out, joking around, skipping school together and more. Ending up being BFFs or... maybe there's more to this blooming friendship. Read to find out more as they slowly reveal their truth selves to each other.

Author's Note

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Our Moons...
by RiyokoXD