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By SarahSwartz
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MARISSA MARIE THOMAS is the beautiful, rich, and popular girl that every guy wants to be with. She's sweet, smart, and caring. The complete opposite of her boyfriend Shawn. But at the same time, her parents work long hours, leaving her home alone with their housekeeper on the daily. Her life is far from perfect. JAKE ISSAK MURRAY prefers a smaller group of friends and is completely fine with being invisible. With his close friends Hilly and Robbie, his step-dad Paul, his caring mother, and his adorable three-month-old half-sister Annabelle. He thought it couldn't get better than that. Then, they are assigned to work on a history project together. Now, putting their difference aside, they must work together in order to pass the assignment. But, what happens when they start falling for each other followed by an unexpected circumstance that will change both their lives forever? #Jarissa BONUS CONTENT: Playlist, lyrics to "Together", cast list, sequel info. Started: 2.23.18 Finished: 11.25.18 "Her style of writing is very good and smooth so that reading her story is very easy." -Lena's Reviews "Surprising" "Thrilling" "Well, I was not expecting that" "Those darn teenagers and their darn hormones" "I want a Jake Murray!" "🤣" "Awww" "I am not crying... u r crying" "Fantastic" "Made me cry" "I love it" Now published on Amazon! https://www.amazon.com/dp/1095411268/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_HZrjDb690Z82N Contains scenes of sexual content, some fighting, and strong language. Published and revised edition: Contains scenes of sexual content, some fighting, mentions of child abuse, and strong language.

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by SarahSwartz