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By narangpurva
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Shivay Singh Oberoi, a ruthless businessman who has already completed 25 yrs of his life being the king of his own territory. He is handsome in all departments but his blue-green orbs filled with darkness, coldness and anything but love. Every woman wants to chase him, but his heart is being guarded with walls of ice, that never seems to come down. Anika Luthra, a business adminstration student; with the spice of fashion designing truly angelic, her eyes filled with love, kindness and anything but hatred. Every men is ready to chase her yet her heart remains untouched free for anyone to steal, but she has yet to come across the thief that claims it as his own possession. Will these 2 people ever come across each other, will that wall of ice ever melt with the warmness of kindness, will the man with too much hatred and too little love ever claim his possession, on the women with too little hatred and so much of love? Is this actually what made their lives to encounter RUTHLESS LOVE or it is a way to some other destination? To know further make a read and join them in their RUTHLESS or I would say, beautiful journey. Love xxxxxxxx Purva Narang (YOUR WRITER) Cover Credit: beautiful @Shabana__

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by narangpurva